We have committed to restoring a community in Eastern Kenya. Through our efforts this past few years we have   

Restored a well

and in 2018 the process began room by room of

building a school

every wedding is credited in helping this effort
learn more at www.fomministries.org

Hi Welcome

I'm the owner Stephanie, and I started shooting weddings when I was 19 (summer of 2002) with a studio. I started my own film photography wedding business in 2004 - I was developing B+W rolls in my dark room and loved getting my hands to develop a print! Since then we have grown; in 2009 Sarah, who is my cousin by marriage.

We believe that having INTEGRITY as a wedding photographer means preserving moments and memories as they are. Each of your images is professionally retouched to maintain the quality of the raw file and exported in full resolution to USB and online gallery. 
We believe that your images should last generations - that is why our gallery has 10 years pre paid cloud storage, your Flush Mounted album has a lifetime GUARANTEE, your Metal prints last 2-4x longer than professionally printed paper prints, and the UV acrylic filters out 99% of all UV rays that fade images.

We also believe that we can impact our community and the world for better...

Each of the girls does work in FAMILY, SENIOR, and CHILD sessions while I love ARCHITECTURAL work. You will see that each and every one of these comes into thought during a wedding day! 
We particularly specialize in LOW LIGHT photography, light painting, night slow exposure and SPARKLER PHOTOS. We love being creative with you - each couple and wedding day is perfectly unique and we love your style to show